Stratocaster Bodies

Useful Information

62' Strat Shape

Neck Pocket is 2 3/16th or 56mm at the heel

Warmoth, Fender USA and Fender MIM necks fit on our bodies

Large Round over on Front and Back.  (1/2 inch)

Vintage Tremelo Route

Wire Routes are done

Neck Holes are done

Tummy Cut is done

Custom Options

SSS (Single/Single/Single coil) can be changed into the following upon request

-SSH (Single/Single/Humbucker)

-HSH (Humbucker/Single/Humbucker)

-HHH (Humbucker/Humbucker/Humbucker)


-$20 to Canada

-$30 to USA

-$105 Worldwide

-$5 extra for each additional body

Tracking # and $100 of insurance included

For more pictures or information on a body you see below, please email us at


Strat Bodies for Sale