Tele Style Bodies

Useful Information

Vintage '52 Tele Shape

Warmoth, Fender USA and Fender MIM necks fit on our bodies

Neck pocket is 2 3/16th or 55.6mm at the heel

Small roundovers on the Front and Back .  (1/8ths of and inch vintage)

Jack hole is 7/8ths

Vintage Spec bridge holes

Vintage Spec Ferrules (3/8ths x 3/8ths Flush Mount)

Wire Holes and Neck Holes are done

Special Requests

- Tummy Cut

- Vintage Bridge Holes

- Route Change to P90 or Humbucker


- $20 to Canada

- $30 to USA

- $105 Worldwide

- $5 each additional body

$100 of insurance and tracking # included

For more pictures or information on any of the bodies you see below please email us at


Telecaster Bodies Available for Purchase

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