Tele Style Bodies

Useful Information

Vintage '52 Tele Shape

Warmoth, Fender USA and Fender MIM necks fit on our bodies

Neck pocket is 2 3/16th or 55.6mm at the heel

Small roundovers on the Front and Back .  (1/8ths of and inch vintage)

Jack hole is 7/8ths

Vintage Spec bridge holes

Vintage Spec Ferrules (3/8ths x 3/8ths Flush Mount)

Wire Holes and Neck Holes are done

Special Requests

- Tummy Cut

- Vintage Bridge Holes

- Route Change to P90 or Humbucker


- $20 to Canada

- $30 to USA

- $105 Worldwide

- $5 each additional body

$100 of insurance and tracking # included

For more pictures or information on any of the bodies you see below please email us at


Telecaster Bodies Available for Purchase

Custom Tele Bodies

Additional Information

Choose one of our blanks below and customize it to your own specifications

We can do as little or as much of the work as you would like.  

Email us today with the blank# and your specifications and we will let you know if we can make it happen!

The price below is if you buy the body and do the work yourself.  Additional costs will apply depending on the amount of work you want done.  


Tele Blanks available

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